Commercial real estate investment is historically one of the best investments available to capital markets.   The reason comes down to three (3) simple things:

Predictability  |  Stability  |  Attractive Long-term Returns 

Even the best investments can suffer from monumental changes in the market, as proven in recent years.  It is critical to have a team that is deeply fundamental in its underwriting of each investment, and acutely in tune with the direction of the tides in the market cycle.   We believe our team brings a unique approach in understanding the strength (and weakness) of each investment by having on-the-ground knowledge of tenant patterns, availability of space, absorption, and rate trends in each sub-market, as well as subtleties in the debt and equity markets.   Cecil & Campbell Advisors offer the following investments services:

  |  Full service investment management with a focus in office assets  |

|  Access and Placement of Capital – Debt & Equity  |

|  Acquisition/Disposition analysis and representation  |